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kesh corran - county sligoSpiritual Tours to Mystical Places in Ireland

Tour Ireland and thin places or places where the veil between this world and the eternal world is thin with author and tour guide, Mindie Burgoyne.  These mystical, spiritual tours will help transport you into a higher existence when you sense the healing energy in Ireland’s thin places.  Our tours are crafted as spiritual tours (though not religious), and are ideal for people interested in earth energies, the healing arts, nature, Reiki masters, artists, those who desire connection with ancestors, those interested in Celtic history and archaeology, shamanic journeyers, and people looking for spiritual growth.

Each year we craft specific tours that balance mystical sites, vibrant towns, stunning landscapes and encounters with the best visitor attraction in Ireland — the Irish people. Our tours last approximately 10 days and focus on a particular region in Ireland.

“Ireland has always been holy. Even the climate of the place, a disturbed alternation of clarity and blur, seems made for mysticism, and in my experience the profound simplicity that I have been trying to elucidate opens the way to speculation and conviction. Iam more contemplative in Ireland than almost anywhere else.”
~Jan Morris, travel writer.

Video explores the thin places concept.


Each Thin Places tour focuses on one region in Ireland – the North, the Southeast, the Southwest and the West. We believe this gives a visitor a richer experience than trying to do the whole country in trip.  Less time on the bus, more time in the landscape.

Because Ireland is small country (about the size of West Virginia) visitors often cram too much into one visit trying to navigate the entire country. If your trip is one – two weeks long, try to see more sites in less miles of travel. Your experience will be richer as you will be less tired and will have more time to hook into the Irish culture. Don’t rush.
~Mindie Burgoyne: Ten Tips for Travel to Ireland

Read Mindie Burgoyne’s message on why the Thin Places Tours are different from other tours to Ireland.


In 2016 we will run two tours – one in May (Western Edges) and one in September (Discover the North).  Traveling off the peak season of summer keeps the prices lower and avoids crowds.  Consider joining us this year for ….

Western Edges – May 19-30, 2016
In this Thin Places tour of Ireland you will travel down the western coast of Ireland from County Donegal to County Kerry. This 11-day tour will bring you into some of the most stunning and dramatic landscapes in Europe.  Sites include Slieve League, Glen Colmcille, Creevykeel Cairn, Moyne Abbey, Downpatrick Head, Croagh Patrick, Connemara, The Burren and Dingle.  You’ll also have time to experience the vibrant culture of Westport, Galway, Clifden, Sligo and Dingle.  $2399 + Air

See full description for the Western Edges  tour

Discover the North – September 9-18
This nine-day tour of Ireland will bring you throughout the northern region including the six counties of Northern Ireland. Some of the most unspoiled, undeveloped landscape awaits you on this awesome experience.  You will see hidden sites that most travelers (and some Irelanders) never see. Sites include the Giants Causeway and the Antrim Coast, northern Donegal and the Inishowen peninsula, Caldragh cemetery, Beltany stone circle, Altadaven Wood (the Demon’s Cliff), Navan fort in Armagh and the Armagh cathedral, Beaghmore stone circles and the Field of Writing. $2399 + Air

Complete info on this tour will be posted soon. 



Caldragh Cemetery - Fermanagh
“These tours are not about piling into a bus and stopping to see some standing stones and abbey ruins,” states Burgoyne. “Our tours are about becoming an image in an ancient landscape and traveling within the context of a story. At the end of our tours, guests feel a spiritual transformation.”

I went on the Thin Places tour that covered the south of Ireland [2011]. My favorite stop was Hoare Abbey because of its beautiful and haunting setting, in the shadow of the Rock of Cashel, evoked such a strong sense of time passing and the lives lived in its now-crumbling walls. I like the tour because we could immerse ourselves in the magical atmosphere of Irish history, spirit, and belief: a combination deeply integrated and intertwined in the people’s character.
~Kathleen R. , Seattle, WA

Is this a religious tour?

The Thin Places tours are not religious or affiliated with any particular religion.  However, some of the sites have religious significance – stone circles, monastic ruins, tombs, cathedrals.  Most of the sites have a tie with myths, legends, and the eternal world – or the world beyond this one.  So people of all faiths, and people strongly interested in history and culture will enjoy this trip.  Most of these are sites that are not typically on the Ireland coach tours…. and aren’t easy to locate for the self-drive tours.

FUN – This tour also has fun activities.  Because we overnight in vibrant towns, guests will be able to visit the pubs, experience live Irish music, chat with the locals and visit some of the most exquisite landscapes in western Europe.


Mindie claims that her tours will traverse some of the most beautiful and not-often-seen parts of Ireland – the sites that don’t make it on the typical tours of pubs, cliffs, castles and museums. This is truly the “hidden Ireland.”

Our guests are traveling with a sense of purpose – traveling within the context of a story … and the land is littered with stories and spirits from the past.  We make an effort to place our guests in contact with Irish people … to engage, to talk, to learn.  People that finish our tours are changed. The travel experience transforms them, and they make lifelong friends.
~ Mindie Burgoyne

Guests on Thin Places Mystical Tours

Thin Places guests from Discover the North 2013 tour.

About the Tour Guide

Mindie Burgoyne - Thin Places Tour GuideMindie Burgoyne, a Maryland author and travel writer, has been traveling to Ireland researching thin places for twenty years. She has written four books on travel destinations in Maryland – all focusing on heritage and haunted travel. She has a successful blog on thin places and a travel blog called the Travel Hag. Her writing and photographs have been published by the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, CBS News, National Geographic Television Network, the Today Show, the Vancouver Sun, MDBiz Media and the Maryland Tourism website. She is currently writing Thin Places: Irish Gateways to the Otherworld, due to be published in 2014

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  1. Cathy says:

    Hello Mindie,
    Myself and 3 friends want to go to Ireland in 2017. Do you have any tours planned for then? Also, we were considering flying into Dublin, staying a couple nights, renting a car and driving down the coast and returning to Dublin by an inland route. If you don’t have anything lined up for 2017 does our plan sound reasonable?
    Thank you.

  2. rachel Howard says:

    I’m interested in your sept tour for 2016. Do you have any details as of yet?

  3. Donnajean Lopez says:

    Would love a tour on West coast. Please send name of guide.

  4. Donnajean Lopez says:

    We would be interested in any tours on the west side. Please let me know who to contact.

  5. Donnajean Lopez says:

    We 4 are staying in Connemara Sept 26 to Oct 2. Do you have any day tours available during that time?

  6. Hello! Any information available for tours running between March28 -April4, 2016?

  7. Stephanie says:

    Greetings Mindie!
    I am planning a trip to Ireland September 26-October 2. I was wondering if you offer any single day tours? Or if you have any suggestions of locals who may offer any sort of spiritual/thin place day tours? Any help is much appreciated! Thank you in advance :-)
    Peace and Love,

    • Mindie Burgoyne says:

      Hi Stephanie. We don’t do single day tours. On the tours that I don’t guide myself, we generally employ local guides to do tours. There are many local people who offer wonderful experiences. Any local town or tourism office will be able to direct you. Also, many of the tourism offices have day trips posted and are happy to help travelers decide which is best for them. If you have a particular location in mind, I might be able to offer input on a local guide. have fun and safe travels.

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